Brenda Picone is known to her family and friends as the ‘grilled cheese lady.’ With her passion for gourmet food, Brenda has always loved to work in the kitchen.

Brenda worked in the corporate food industry for over 30+ years and retired in 2018. Shortly after retirement, Brenda recognized that she couldn’t sit still and had to do something different. With encouragement from her supportive husband and family, Brenda launched the instant-hit grilled cheese food truck, “Who Cut The Cheese” Lady.

Running a food truck was something Brenda never envisioned, but since starting, has loved every second of it. It took lots of researching and time figuring out which food to specialize in, but the choice was obvious. With Bergen County, NJ’s lack of grilled cheese food trucks, she knew this would be her niche. And that’s exactly what she did. She turned an ordinary grilled cheese into a work of art. With a rotating menu of specialty grilled cheeses, Brenda is able to provide something delicious and different that everyone can enjoy.

While Brenda puts in a tremendous amount of work on a daily basis, there’s nothing that makes her happier than her family. She serves as a great example that it is never too late to follow your dreams – especially as a woman business owner! 

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